When we create websites, we think it is important to carefully plan the function of the site. The design must be user-friendly. We want to shorten down the texts and instead focus a lot on photos and movies. After the page is ready, some customers want to take care of ongoing updates them selves, others call us to get it done easily. When it comes to programming and hosting, we have a very good collaboration with LG IT in Ludvika. Together we have many years of experience.




Kajkrogen   Kajkrogen
Kajkrogen is wonderfully located by the lake Väsman. This was important to get through when we designed the new page. With our photographs we wanted to convey a sense of quality and well-being.




Farstukvisten   Farstukvisten
Farstuvisten needed a website that would show the full range of properties. It became a very comprehensive website. We put up ideas and designs as well as wrote texts and photographed all the houses.



Ludvika Stadsbud   Ludvika Stadsbud
Ludvika Stadsbud wanted a very simple website that would not be updated so often. We photographed nice pictures for the slide show. Both design and programming were performed by us.



Rolling Mill Service   Rolling Mill Service
LG IT designed and programmed the website for Rolling Mill Service. We were commissioned to create a new logo and all photographs.



Grangärde Musteri   Grangärde Musteri
We made the design and also the html programming for this website. The goal was to stay true to the appearance of the product labels that are so significant for Grangärde Musteri. This small ecological brewery achieved great success in the market with their "Tillman" products. The entire product range was photographed and exposed to fit into the special background.



Ludvika El   Ludvika Elinstallation
The design was already made by LG IT when Ludvika Electrical Installation came to us for assistance with various changes. We looked at the features and texts of the page. Made adjustments and filled it with new and relevant photographs.