ABB Infocenter Ludvika

  So far, our biggest conference job was for ABB’s Infocenter in Ludvika. Three areas were supplied with equipment and two of them connected. The large screening room was provided with three large projectors. The centered one was in the 16:9 format for showing movies. Two parallel projectors in the 4:3 format were used for showing presentations on a six meter wide portable screen. The podium on the middle of the stage was provided with connections for laptops, permanent and wireless microphones, a stationary computer, a DVD-player and a document camera.   A DVD changer was placed in the equipment room. Everything in the room is connected to a navigation system with touch control. The adjacent showroom was provided with a big projector, a big screen with motor drive and AV-technology. This room is also navigated with a navigation system. This gives the opportunity to take part of what is going on in the room next door when there are too many people to fit in one room.   The third room needed technology for a recently built conference room. We suggested a diangle solution to effectively be able to use the five-meter wide whiteboard when at the same time using the projector. The table has eight connections for computers with both picture and sound. A navigation system was embedded in the table for simple navigation. The AV-technology was placed in designed cupboards.